Bring your world to life with guidl

a new digital platform for geo-located audio experiences, offering a unique and engaging way to interact with the world.

Explore your world

guidl is the ultimate place for geo-located experiences. Explore, discover and be inspired by the rich tapestry of stories, culture and perspectives that surround us all.

Limitless exploration

From your favourite creators to diverse new voices. From punchy highlights to detailed in-depth analysis. From well-trodden hotspots to the road less travelled; there’ll be a guidl for you.

Discover on your terms

Walk the ground, experiencing guidl on location, or from the comfort of your home. All you need is your smartphone or device.

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Build Communities

Connect with storytellers or other like-minded explorers. Join the guidl community and stay up to date.

Share your brilliance with guidl

Could you be a guidl creator? Do you have something to share? Do you have a passion, specialist interest or a story about the world to tell? Consider guidl.

Use just your voice and our inbuilt tools to create compelling audio content, upload it and earn money when it's accessed.

Discover with guidl

guidl is a new easy to use platform, allowing you to experience and create guidls: geo-located audio experiences.

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Explore with guidl

Explore our extensive, varied and growing collection of guidls from around the world and select one that interests you. Enjoy the journey - at a location and pace that suits you.

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Earn with guidl

Become a guidl creator and and create your own guidls. Share the places you love with others, and make money while doing so.

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Explore, discover and be inspired by the history, culture, nature, stories and perspectives that surround us.

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Meet Our Team

The team at guidl are a passionate collective of experts and enthusiasts, dedicated to crafting a user-friendly and innovative platform.

Dr. Robert Lyman

Rob has over 20 years of experience helping global businesses deliver complex outsourcing projects, with lifetime contract values worth in excess of £2.5b. Rob is also a popular historian of the Second World War, the author of 18 books to date.

Dr. Joe Baskerville-Butler
Co-Founder & Chief Ideas Officer

Psychiatrist, graduating in medicine from the University of Oxford in 2016. Co-curated the Bodleian Library’s exhibition ‘Melancholy: A New Anatomy’ in 2021.

Dr. Monty Lyman
Co-Founder & Chief Content Officer

Psychiatrist and Academic Clinical Fellow at the University of Oxford. Bestselling author of two non-fictionbooks, published by Penguin.

Iona Ravindran

Since graduating from the University of Oxford, Iona has worked as a lawyer and business change leader across the corporate and not-for-profit sectors.

Matthew Farrow

Portfolio CFO. Previously the Financial Director of Purplebricks, leading it to an IPO of £98 million in 18 months in 4 investment rounds.

John Kattenhorn

Technical expert with over 30 years of software development experience and founder of technical services company Applicita Ltd.

Julian Humphreys
Content Creator / Relationships Manager

Military history expert, curator and blue-badge tour guide.

Mark King
Content Consultant
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