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What is guidl?

guidl is a new way of exploring and interacting with the world around us. It's a digital platform that allows you to create and enjoy guidls; geo-located audio experiences. guidl creators create audiovisual content, linking it to places in the real world. Users use the guidl app to revisit these places, either physically or from the comfort of their home, and are entertained, informed and inspired as they hear the creator through their smartphone. Generated revenue is split between the guidl creator and the guidl platform.

Can “anyone” be a guidl creator?

Yes! There are no barriers to creation. A guidl creator might be a professional guide, a historian, a celebrity or anyone with a particular interest, passion or story to tell. All a person needs to make a guidl is a laptop/tablet and themselves. Only by minimising the barriers for guidl creators can we promote maximum diversity of voices, stories and perspectives on the guidl platform.

How can I be sure a guidl tour will be any good?

In guidl we’re democratising the world of audio experience creation and consumption; we want guidl to be a platform with a huge variety and density of content, appealing to the modern-day user with diverse and changing needs. So you the users will be the judgers of quality. There’ll be a ratings system to help you see what’s popular and what’s not, and you’ll be able to listen to a preview of every guidl tour before you buy, to check it’s the one for you.

When will guidl be available?

Now! guidl is live on the App Store and Google Play Store, so please download the guidl app and start purchasing and enjoying all the guidl tours our guidl creators have contributed. To become a guidl creator, please just sign-up via the website to get in touch with us, and we can then set you up with the guidl creator software!

Is the number of guidls a creator can make limited?

No! The more you contribute, the bigger your profile (and greater your earning potential) will be!

And as a listener, how can I “consume” a guidl?  Your options are limitless! On the go on-location, or from the comfort of your sofa. In guidl we’ve created tours on your terms, to be enjoyed at a pace and time you wish. You can take the tours in any order; you could do some of stops, go shopping, and come back to the others later on; you can be an armchair explorer. The point is you still get to access the brilliance of expert storytellers, but without the limitations of traditional guided tours.

Can a guidl be on “anything”?

Yes! We want guidl to quite literally bring the world around us to life. There's as much content for guidls as there are stories and perspectives across the world. We want guidls to be published on every street, place, and point of interest around the world. We want guidl to be there for the punchy highlights and the in-depth analysis; to showcase the well-trodden hotspots and the roads less travelled.

What’s the difference between guidls and guidl tours?

guidls are short (up to 10 minute) audio-visual experiences hosted at one location. guidl tours are longer (we suggest anything from 30 – 60 minutes) curated collections of guidls that take a user across multiple locations. Every guidl tour uploaded will incorporate a free listening element to allow users to try before they buy, and creators to advertise themselves on the platform, showcase their brilliance, and persuade the user to come on a guidl tour journey with them.

How much do guidl tours cost?

At guidl, we know the importance of connection to the external world – its history, culture, nature and perspectives - for our health and wellbeing. So we’re here to break down the barriers of traditional tours, including cost, that currently prevent us from being inspired and uplifted by the earth we inhabit. That’s why guidl tours are affordable and accessible, priced between £4.99 and £9.99 depending on length, creator etc., and why we’re including lots of free guidls for you to enjoy, too.

Where does the money go?

guidl is a collective of writers, historians, guides and enthusiasts, and from the start we’ve wanted to turn the tide on traditional creative industry payment practices. That’s why after taxes and running costs, creators will take home 20% of the tour price. And once they’ve made a tour, creators can benefit from the passive income it generates for years to come.

What’s in it for the professional tour guide?

In guidl, we’ve created a new and additional platform and audience for you to share your brilliant perspective with, to build your follower-base, and to link to your other output (your books, blogs, specialist in-person tours etc.). In guidl you’ll benefit from a stream of passive income to complement your other guiding activities.

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