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guidl is live!

Iona Ravindran
January 17, 2024
5 min read
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We're so thrilled to report, and we hope you’ll have already seen, that guidl the mobile app is now live on the app stores! You can download it direct via the links on our home page.

This means users across the globe can now access the app and purchase guidl tours! We’re so excited to have reached this milestone in the guidl journey, and we hope you'll be too when you explore the app and see its potential. In guidl, we've created a place to connect enthusiastic learners and listeners with the brilliance and expertise of guidl creators who have knowledge to share. With the result: an enhanced experience of place for all, and deeper connection to the world and stories that abound in it. So, thank you for your interest in guidl, and we couldn't be more excited to share it with you!

Of course, the work doesn’t stop here! We’re currently in "soft launch" territory, which means the version of guidl you'll see today is very much our first version. As a startup, we've created a starter product we're incredibly proud of, to build on based on users' and creators' feedback alike. We're currently deep in beta testing of the mobile app to ensure we've a great user experience from the off, and if you’ve any feedback to add to that we’d love to hear from you. Please just email hello@guidl.tours with any thoughts or suggestions for app optimisation you have.

Then in terms of where we’re going, as well as some initial design-related tweaks, our next big focus is on extending the app’s in-tour map functionality asap. We’ll also be building out the reviews section to help you make your guidl tour choices, and a creator profile area to help you with a “who's who” of guidl creators too - so you can follow the creators you like across all their public platforms. We're very excited with what we're seeing behind the scenes design and build-wise so far, and we'll keep you posted.

And of course, and most importantly, don't forget! More and more guidl tours will be coming live as the days and weeks pass (we've an army of guidl creators hard at work on their guidls as we speak), so do check back in on the app when you're going somewhere, or any time you simply want to learn something wonderful. And of course, please tell all your friends about us! It’s from more people knowing about guidl that the platform will grow and we’ll be able to offer more and more guidl tours for all to enjoy.

Finally, if you’re reading this as a guidl newbie, we thought it’d be helpful to include a little reminder of what guidl’s all about. So in a nutshell, it’s a user-friendly platform that enables creators to create and publish audio tours that are linked to specific geographic locations. Once published, these ‘guidl tours’ are available to purchase by anyone with the guidl app on their smartphone. Users go from spot to spot (or can listen from home!), hearing pre-recorded audio from expert guidl creators, and are entertained, informed and inspired along the way. Our mission is to shine a spotlight on the incredible guides, experts and storytellers who bring the world to life through their passion, knowledge, and artistry, and provide access to these individuals for users across the globe. We believe that through the sharing of expertise and unique perspectives, we can enrich the world for everyone.

Thanks so much for being part of guidl!

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