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Joe Butler
January 17, 2024
5 min read
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At about ten minutes to ten on Friday 10th November, I took a deep breath and clicked 'send' on a very exciting email. Milliseconds later, that email began its journey, via radio waves to my router, down fibre optic cables before splitting and heading across the world, into the inboxes of the very first guidl creators. That email contained their link to download the guidl software, and has allowed the first guidls and guidl tours to be created into existence.  

Clicking send felt a bit like watching a rocket launch. A rush of adrenaline. A surge of pride. A pang of terror; had I correctly figured out how to use a mail merge? (I had). Had I got everyone's name right (I had not). In any case, guidl has been officially released to the world. What it is, and what it will become, is now in the hands of pioneering guidl creators.

A guidl creator could be anyone. Even you.  

But first: What is a guidl? Good question. A guidl is a piece of audio, recorded by you, tied to specific coordinates in the physical world. A guidl might explore a place's history, culture, nature, aesthetics, or anything. We don't want to set any firm limits on what a guidl could be, to maximise your creativity.

When a guidl creator publishes a collection of guidls, intended to be enjoyed together, this comprises a guidl tour and is associated with a purchase price of your choosing. We are aiming to launch guidl to the public in early 2024 and at this point users will start paying for and enjoying all of the guidl tours contributed by the guidl creators. After costs and taxes are deducted, the remaining profit is split 50/50 with you - the guidl creator, and us, the guidl platform.

Our aim is to bring the world to life. But we need your help! The more guidl creators that join, the greater the variety of content, the more users we can attract to the platform, and the bigger the audience for all of your content becomes.

Because guidl's first release was only compatible with Windows, we are aware that not everyone who wishes to create guidls can. Our next biggest development priority is to release the Mac version and we expect this to be in the next one to two months.

If you think you could be a guidl creator, or want to find out more, please reach out; contact hello@guidl.tours or sign up to be a guidl creator at the following link:  

All you need is your brilliance. guidl will help you share it.

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