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Testing, testing!

Iona Ravindran
January 17, 2024
5 min read
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This week behind the scenes at guidl we’ve been a flurry of excitement and anticipation: it’s testing time!  

Working with our developers, we’re now only weeks away from guidl’s mobile app going LIVE! From that point on, we’ll be able to bring guidl to the masses, and you'll be able to start enjoying the marvellous creations our talented army of guidl creators have been busy at work on since the creator platform lifted off in November. With Spring around the corner and all of us soon to emerge from hibernation to get out exploring, what better time to have guidl at your fingertips to bring those explorations to life!  

So what does testing look like? Well, it looks like checking for and fixing the bugs, or spiders and cockroaches as we like to call them at guidl (depending on significance!), that inevitably crop up when one’s dealing with tech. And it means going on the user experience and journey ourselves to check that your (and our) navigation of the guidl app will be as user-friendly and seamless as possible.

And it turns out (no surprise here!) that our design team and tech gurus have done a fantastic job. We’re so pleased with the look and feel of guidl “the mobile app”, and we hope you will be too. From the straightforward registration page to get started, through the easy to navigate list or map view of all available guidls and guidl tours, via the tour details page where you can quickly gather what a tour’s about and where the guidls that make it up are, past the “play guidl” functionality where it’s so easy to stop, start, rewind, fast forward and listen at your own leisure and pace, and the ratings pop-up, to help others (users and creators alike) to know what’s hot, to the favourites and history screen to save your favourite looking guidls and guidl tours and quickly find what you’ve looked at previously... we hope you’ll agree when you see it that the flow couldn’t be easier and we’re thrilled with where we've got to at this stage. Wow... a long list there and a verrry long sentence (we apologise!), but there’s just too much to be excited by and tell you about so we couldn’t leave anything out!  

We’ll keep you posted as we approach the app launch date, but in the meantime wishing you a great weekend and we’ll be spending ours asking everyone we know and who’s willing (mostly very patient friends and family at this stage – thanking them!) to give the app a go and tell us what they think too! It’s a journey we’re at the start of so we know there’ll be plenty to iterate on as we go, but what a one to be on!  

So, coming soon: punchy highlights and in-depth analysis, well-trodden hotspots and roads less travelled, a diversity of voices stories and places... we think there’ll be a guidl for you!

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