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The local Bonfire Night

Joe Butler
January 17, 2024
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For me, Bonfire night marks the turning of the seasons, heralding the arrival of the Great British Winter. The ends of the day become dark, the leaves are falling and the air is cold and crisp. My big fluffy coat comes out of its summer hibernation and rarely isn't required. But it's also a time for warmth, for gathering around the fire, and for savouring the last of the autumn harvest.    

One joy I always look forward to is our village's 5th November celebrations. The crackle of fireworks, the smell of bonfires, and the sound of laughter and conversation - these are the hallmarks of the quintessential British village firework night. It's a tradition that's rooted both in England's tumultuous past, but also in community; in celebrating the unique heritage and history of a place, and in creating a sense of belonging that's unlike any other.    

Like every year, we'll be inviting our friends over. We'll be toasting blackberry marshmallows which we'll have made from local blackberries we foraged and froze in the autumn harvest. After the fireworks, we'll be digging into a warming beef stew and an apple crumble; the apples stoically provided by the wizened, weathered tree in our front garden.  The interest, and celebration of the local landscape and community we try to practice is also at the core of guidl.    

In a world that can often feel fragmented and disconnected, village fireworks nights are a rare opportunity to bring people of all ages together, to share in a common experience, and to feel a sense of pride in our community. They're a reminder that, despite our differences, we all have something in common - a desire to connect, to be part of something bigger than ourselves, and to experience the magic of fireworks illuminating the night sky.    

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